Scientific Impact

In scientific impact metrics we attempt to evaluate the work conducted by researcher teams or organizations and compare how they perform to other groups.

In our effort we use the bibliometrics approach to evaluate the scientific impact of XSEDE. By utilizing publication data from various sources, e.g., ISI Web of Science and Microsoft Academic Graph, we calculate the impact metrics of XSEDE publications and show how they compare with non-XSEDE publication from the same field of study, or non-organization peers from the same journal issue. To perform this analysis we need to identify the bibliographic dataset and clean and currate them.

We then introduce the metrics we used for evaluation and comparison, and the methods used to calculate them. Detailed analysis results of Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI) and the peers comparison will be presented and discussed. We also explain how the same approaches could be used to evaluate publications from a similar organization or institute, to demonstrate the general applicability of the present evaluation approach providing impact on organizations and groups.


Gregor von Laszewski
Gregor von Laszewski
Research Professor

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.