Fall 2019 Classes

You may like some of the quotes from students:

“Best class I ever took at IU.”

“Thanks to you I got a job at company … name removed …”

“My company has adopted lessons learned from your class.”

ENGR-E516 and CSCI-B 649

Keywords: AI cloud services, cloud workflows, multi-clouds, *map/reduce, build your own cloud cluster at our Lab, AWS, Azure, *Google, academic clouds, Kubernetes, Docker

Information: There is little prerequisite for this class other than *knowing some programming language. However, we had students with no *programming background that got an A+ in class. Links to registrar:

Both classes are the same. They are just listed in different departments. These classes can be taken by anyone at the university. The weekly agenda is posted at:

Two online meetings are conducted (online students only):

  • Tuesday, 27 Apr : 8pm - 9pm EST
  • Thursday, 29 Apr: 8pm - 9pm EST

You may want to attend one of them. Deatils are posted at:

Online students will have the opportunity to attend a weekly online meeting. The time for that will be determined based on a poll posted in piazza.

Residential students are required to attend our in person Lab. Please be advised that residential students must sign up for the Friday Lab session also:

  • 11:15A-12:30P Friday I2 150

Online students having the ability to participate in the Friday meeting in BLoomingtopn are welcom to join Fridays in person instead of the online meetings.

Project examples (incomplete list) are at:

Note: Students taking this class have access to our Lab space in the building I am in if you like to use it (optional). I have 8 office spaces, so you could have your own office space if you like. You however can do your work anywhere. Free transportation is provided. After hour access to the building can be arranged.

Undergraduates: Advanced undergraduates with Python knowledge are allowed to take the class with permission from Gregor and the department. Please contact me via e-mail if you like to take the class and are qualified. The space for undergraduates is limited.


  • Not offered in the Fall, but you can use an independent study with Gregor in the Fall 2019 semester. Contact him at laszewski@gmail.com Independent studies will work on programming projects, advanced cloud topics, or conference/workshop papers.
Gregor von Laszewski
Intelligent Systems Engineering Department