Gregor von Laszewski

Gregor von Laszewski
Indiana University
School of Informatics and Computing
Smith Research Center
2805 E 10th St
Bloomington, IN 47408

Quotes and Awards

Quotes form past students taking classes I taught:

  • “The best course I have taken in the Data Science program.”
  • “Thanks to your course I have secured a job at Intel.”


  • Coached a team of students obtaining the judges awards at the FLL Robotics World Championship
  • Best student project at IU
  • DOE outstanding mentor Award
  • Best of show award at SC
  • Best poster award at SC
  • Coached a Student winning the Novel Developers award for an LDAP browser


Course Semester Description
Cloud Image Fall 2018 E516: Engineering Cloud Computing, Indiana University
Independent Study Fall 2018 In case you like to conduct an independent study, please contact me via e-mail. Look at the research projects or suggest your own.

Research Projects

Project Description
NIST In this project we develop language independent service specification useful for the creation of Big Data Architectures. The result are published as part of a NIST Big Data Reference Architecture.
Cloudmesh In this research project we are developing the concepts and to develop services and clients for multihosted and hybrid clouds.
Virtual Clusters In this project we are developing the mechanisms to stage virtual clusters on one of the biggest educational research computers in the nation. THis work is collaboratively done with San Diego Super Computer Center.
Scientific Impact Metrics In this project we are evaluating organizations based on bibliometric data while using our unique metric. We have applied this metric to the largest educational HPC compute resources in the US and provide monthly updates that are reported to NSF.
Cloud and Edge Computing In this project we develop services and practical applications to combine Cloud and Edge Computing. At this time we try to build and interface with an environmental robot boat that conducts in future its analysis in the cloud and HPC compute resources
STEM FLL Robotics I am coaching a team of STEM students that has won the special judges project award in the World championship. If you are interested in finding out more contact me. The project is also continued as part of my cloud projects.