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  • Gregor von Laszewski, Ph.D.
    Gregor von Laszewski
    Assistant Director, Digital Science Center
    Adjunct Professor for Intelligent Systems Engineering
    Indiana University, School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering
    Smith Research Center
    2805 E 10th St, Bloomington, IN 47408
  • Monday 6:30PM - 8:30PM


January 2018 – Present

Cloudmesh Version 4 - alpha


Features include:

  • Commandline Interface
  • AWS, Azure, OpenStack
  • REST


  • This is a new experimental development release
January 2016 – December 2016


University X

Taught electronic engineering and researched semiconductor physics.

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Software releases

Software Version Status Code
Cloudmesh v4 link
Cloudmesh v3 link
Cloudmesh v2 link
Cloudmesh v1 link
Cloudmesh GraphQL alpha link


I am teaching regular a number of classes and participate also in defining content and project for them as well as coordinating the TA’s. This includes e222, e516, i523, i524.

Ongoing Classes

Class ID Semester Proceedings Piazza
Cloud Computing Engeneering e516 Fall 2018 Project, Papers link
Big Data i513 Fall 2018 Project, Papers, Technologies link

Upcomming Classes

The followng classes will be offered in Spring 2018

Class ID Semester Proceedings Piazza
Cloud Computing Engeneering e516 Spring 2018 Project, Papers link
Cloud Computing Engeneering e222 Spring 2018 Project, Papers link

Selected Past Classes

The Piazza for these classes are no longer actively maintained and are now integrated into the following piazza

Class ID Semester Proceedings Piazza
Cloud Computing Engeneering e516 Spring 2018 Project, Papers deactivated
Big Data e516 Spring 2018 Project, Papers, Technologies deactivated
TBD e616 Spring 2018 Proceedings link
TBD e222 Spring 2018 Proceedings link
TBD i523 Fall 2017 Proceedings link
TBD B649/E599 Spring 2017 Proceedings link
TBD i524 Spring 2017 Proceedings link
TBD i423 Fall 2016 Proceedings link
TBD i523 Fall 2016 Proceedings link
TBD e599 Fall 2016 Proceedings link


What is my coat of arms?

The coat of arms changes over time dependent on various factors. Here are some variations of the coat of arms.

coat of arms

Where does my name come from?

Often I am asked where my name comes from. If you like to know more, please check out the information about the name von Laszewski. However, please note that the information refers to the early use of the name. It is related to a teitonic knight called Zelberschwecht. At one point in history they took on the name of the town Laszewo where they used to live.

How am I fitting in the family line?

  1. Johann Zelberschwecht Grzymala, 1272
  2. John Grzymala
  3. John Grzymala
  4. Derzlaw Grzymala, 1353
  5. Wtoszynowski, 1392
  6. Wyszynski, 1420
  7. Wyszynski, 1453
  8. Jerzy Wyszynski, 1480
  9. Jerzy Laszewski (Wyszinski – Wyszyn’ski) 1519, Laszewo – 1570
  10. Jerzy (Georg) Laszewski 1548 – Laszewo – 1616 (1634?)
  11. Michala (Michael) von Laszewski 1583 – Laszewo – 1643 – Sierakowice
  12. Jacob Johann von Laszewski, 1629 – Laszewo – 1690
  13. Jacob von Laszewski, 1664 – Sierakowice – 1739 – Sierakowice
  14. Josef Jacob (Josephum) Zelberschwecht von Laszewskl 21 Jun 1732 – 23 Jan 1796 – Sullenschin, Karthaus, Prussia, Germany
  15. Tadaeus (Thadeum) Zelberschwecht von Laszewskl 1765 – Suleczyno – 1828 – Buchwalde
  16. Anton von Laszewskl
  17. Anton von Laszewskl 2 Dec 1870 – Polzin – 27 Jul 1948 – Allenstein
  18. Josef Anton von Laszewski
  19. Reinhard Josef von Laszewski – Allenstein – Stankt Augustin
  20. Gregor von Laszewski – Sankt Augustin – Columbus, OH – Syracuse, NY – Washington, DC – Bolingbrook, IL – Pittsford, NY – Bloomington, IN