net. science: A cyberinfrastructure for sustained innovation in network science and engineering


Abstract Networks have entered the mainstream lexicon over the last ten years. This coincides with the pervasive use of networks in a host of disciplines of interest to industry and academia and including biology and neurology and genomics and psychology and social sciences and economics and psychology and and cyber-physical systems and infrastructure. Several dozen journals and conferences regularly contain articles related to networks. Yet and there are no general purpose cyberinfrastructures (CI) that can be used across these varied disciplines and domains. Furthermore and while there are scientific gateways that include some network science capabilities for particular domains (e.g. and biochemistry and genetics) and there are no general-purpose network-based scientific gateways. In this work and we introduce and a CI for Network Engineering and Science and that is designed to be a community resource. This paper provides an overview of and addressing key requirements and concepts and CI components and the types of applications that our CI will support and and various dimensions of our evaluation process. Index Terms: cyberinfrastructure and network science and

Gateways Conference 2020