Bookmanager Bookmanager is a tool to create a publication from a number of sources on the internet. It is especially useful to create customized books, lecture notes, or handouts. Content is best integrated in markdown format as it is very fast to produce the output.

Cloudmesh JavaScript User Interface

Please contact me if you like to help developing a JavaScript Graphical user interface

Multi-Cloud Mangement with Cloudmesh

About Cloudmesh enables you to access multi-cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, Google, and OpenStack Cloudsvery easily. To start a vm on AWS you can say cms set cloud=AWS cms vm boot To start one on Azure, simply set the cloud accordingly

NIST Big Data

NIST Big Data Refernce Architecture Reference architectures provide an authoritative source of information about a specific subject area that guides and constrains the instantiations of multiple architectures and solutions. Reference architectures generally serve as a foundation for solution architectures and may also be used for comparison and alignment of instantiations of architectures and solutions.

Raspberry Pi Cloud Cluster

Raspberry Pi Cloud Cluster THis project is open to anyone wanting to work with me on building a Raspberry Pi Cloud Cluster. We have 100-200 Raspberry Pis which provide an ideal playground for building your own cluster and explore distributed computing algorithms on real hardware.

Scientific Impact

In scientific impact metrics we attempt to evaluate the work conducted by researcher teams or organizations and compare how they perform to other groups. In our effort we use the bibliometrics approach to evaluate the scientific impact of XSEDE.